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Across the Web, 3D models and designs are copied, used and sold without due attribution and credit to the original designers.

Register3D changes everything.

Our revolutionary 3D search technology matches uploaded 3D designs to our growing global database of 3D content. Designers are notified anytime our crawlers come across the same file.

We don’t share any data with anyone for any reason.
- Your files are secure with us -




Register3D exists to make the 3D Web better for everyone.


makes it easier for Freelancers to share their work without fear of theft and misuse


makes companies more comfortable with sharing data more openly to attract more clients


allows the Makers to keep their work Open Source, the way it should have been and always can be.

R3D is currently in beta and by invite.

Sign up for an invitation and let's make a better 3D Web

Upload. Register. Protect
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